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Homoeopathic centres "akonit-gomeomed" exist since 1991. a convenient arrangement 2 Homoeopathic clinics In different areas Of moscow. the modern diagnostic and medical equipment.

Homoeopathic treatment Of almost all diseases of adults and children. the individual approach to each patient allows to achieve amazing results. the basic lines of activity:

  About homoeopathic centres "akonit-gomeomed" moscow

Contact information

Homoeopathic medical centre "alpha clod"


The address: Street bratislava, .21 a building 1.
The description and the location map.

Ph.: 782-8138, 347-2759

E-mail: vopros@right-coast.rugomeomed

Homoeopathic clinic "melger-with"

The address: Of street stromynka, .15.
The description and the location map.

Ph.: 268-5629, 268-5502, 268-5813, 268-3343

E-mail: vopros@right-coast.rugomeomed


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