Homoeopathic centre "alpha clod"
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Homoeopathic medical centre "alpha clod"

The address: Street bratislava, .21 a building 1.
The description and the location map.
Ph.: 782-8138, 347-2759
E-mail: vopros@right-coast.rugomeomed

Homoeopathic clinic

The address: Of street stromynka, .15.
The description and the location map.
Ph.: 268-5629, 268-5502, 268-5813, 268-3343
E-mail: vopros@right-coast.rugomeomed


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right-coast.ru homoeopathic clinic "-c"

HomeopathyHomoeopathic clinics and theirright-coast.ru homoeopathic clinic "-c"

Addresses for patients with "uneasy" diagnoses, for difficult cases has been opened branch melger with. it specialises on profound inspection of an organism by a method of vegetativno-resonant testing (). it is the advanced method among high medical technologies. it reveals all harmful ecological influences, oncologicalto everyone all are spent known tests (food, pollen, house and medicinal). results more exact, than already habitual tests by "a method of notches. by means of bacterial, fungoid, virus and helminthic "contamination" of all bodies is authentically defined - recently it is extended and difficultly distinguished. gives distinct representation about a functional condition of a liver, a gall bladder, kidneys, easy, a pancreas, an intestines, heart, vessels, joints, a backbone, gynecologic (myomas, an endometriosis, , thyroid gland diseases) and urological bodies - all bodies are investigated at cellular level.

Very attentively with definition of level of hormones all glands of internal secretion from a hypophysis to adrenal glands are surveyed. vitamin, mineral insufficiency comes to light, biochemical analyses become the obtained data replaces about forty inspections. occupies three hours.

Then for 30 minutes - the medical session of bioresonant therapy () - raises immunity, there is a treatment under the established diagnoses, efficiency of homoeopathy raises.

On reception the doctor herself prepares homoeopathic preparations specially for the given patient, taking into account its diagnoses and features of an organism. for this reason action of these preparations so effectively!

Inspection cost (), medical procedure () and all preparations on a complete course (3 6 months) much more low, than in the similar centres (it is conveniently nonresident at us are treated by the whole families - this very day it is possible to go home).

:Of street stromynka, .15. Ph.: 268-56-29, 268-55-02, 268-58-13, 268-33-43.        
It is worked without breaks and days off from 9:00 till.