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Homoeopathic medical centre "alpha clod"

The address: Street bratislava, .21 a building 1.
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Ph.: 782-8138, 347-2759
E-mail: vopros@right-coast.rugomeomed

Homoeopathic clinic

The address: Of street stromynka, .15.
The description and the location map.
Ph.: 268-5629, 268-5502, 268-5813, 268-3343
E-mail: vopros@right-coast.rugomeomed


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right-coast.ru homoeopathic centre "alpha clod"

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On patients with so-called more habitual diseases and for a long time already the established diagnoses patients, as a rule,"suffer"and not one year. certainly before consultation the homoeopath all the same necessarily spends computer diagnostics of all organism on biologically active points on hands and feet features of work and a functional condition of a liver, a gall bladder, a pancreas, a stomach, intestines, heart, vessels (including degree of their defeat by an atherosclerosis), very in detail gynecologic, urological bodies, thyroid and mammary glands come to light. all joints are checked, the backbone"is scanned", the health card person is made original. it gives all to the doctor not only very full information on an organism of the patient (the latent diseases and predisposition to them come to light even), but also "helps" to pick up those homoeopathic preparations which are necessary at present to the given patient taking into account all "bouquet" of its illnesses.

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Consultation of the homoeopath (conversation, survey, inspection) occupy about an hour on time, and then in a drugstore of the centre the patient buys also at enough low price (29 rbl. for one packing) all preparations appointed on reception at once on a treatment complete course from 1 to 3 months (nonresident usually come to the centre on consultation 2 3 times a year). reception is conducted by doctors of higher category, ... reception cost (including full computer inspection) fluctuates from 600 to 900 rbl. (the price is defined by a category of the doctor conducting reception and presence of discounts to pensioners, invalids, children, and also on discount and family cards).

Bodies: 782-8138, 347-2759

The address:..211

Journey: the m. item bratislava, last car from centre